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I have migrated my application to Android O in Android Studio 3 Running on an Android O emulator all my dialogFragments now fail with :- java.lang.IllegalStateException: Fragment MyDialogFragment{43ccf50 #2 MyDialogFragment} declared target fragment SettingsFragment{ceed549 #0 id=0x7f0f0142 android:switcher:2131689794:0} that does not belong to ...

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I recently was updating an app that I work on to handle notifications from push using a JobIntentService instead of a regular IntentService because it seems like the correct way to handle this on pre-Lollipop devices as well as post. I am enqueueing work ...

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I get Toast on Android 8.1 API 27: Developer warning for package “my_package_name” Failed to post notification on … Logcat includes next strings: Notification: Use of stream types is deprecated for operations other than volume control W/Notification: See the documentation of setSound() for what ...

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Android O has the feature to support Auto-filling for fields. Is there any way I can disable it for a specific application. That is I want to force my application not to use the auto-fill service. Is it possible ? To block autofill ...

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  I am using Android’s VIBRATOR_SERVICE to give a haptic feedback for a button touch. ((Vibrator) getSystemService(VIBRATOR_SERVICE)).vibrate(300); Android Studio give me warning that method vibrate(interval) is deprecated I should use VibrationEffect for API>23. So I usedVibrationEffect‘s method createOneShot which takes 2 params: interval, and amplitude. I tried searching for it but got ...