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I am getting this error after running my App: error: bundling failed: Error: Unable to resolve module react-native-safe-area-context from node_modules/react-navigation-stack/lib/module/vendor/views/Stack/StackView.js: react-native-safe-area-context could not be found within the project. But the same thing I had done for my old demo. It worked perfectly fine. I don’t know ...

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I am trying to create a fullstack app reading the following tutorial: I followed all steps and then tried to run: node server.js But I got the following error: MongoDB connection error: MongoTimeoutError: Server selection timed out after 30000 ms at Timeout._onTimeout (C:RNDfullstack_appbackendnode_modulesmongodblibcoresdamserver_selection.js:308:9) ...

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I have a project on Laravel 5 and I work with it at the office and at home too. It works fine, but recently at home it stopped working. Laravel show me two ErrorException file_put_contents(G:projectstorageframeworkviews/751d8a0fd8a7d4138c09ceb6a34bb377aa2d6265.php): failed to open stream: No such file ...

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When I type the create-react-app my-app command in my terminal, it appears to work – downloading all libraries successfully etc. At the end of that process however I get a message that a template was not provided. Input [email protected] Desktop% create-react-app my-app Output Creating a new React ...

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I have a map Map<K, V> and my goal is to remove the duplicated values and output the very same structure Map<K, V> again. In case the duplicated value is found, there must be selected one key (k) from the two keys (k1 and k1) which ...

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I’ve just setup my Macbook for flutter development, So I downloaded flutter sdk, and placed it in my Documents. After, I setup my path variable to work with flutter in my command line. I execute the command flutter create todolist so I achieve a blank project. I also ...

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As of January 15, 2020 I am receiving the following responses upon making requests to The Central Repository: Requests to return a 501 HTTPS Required status and a body: 501 HTTPS Required. Use More information at Requests to return a 501 HTTPS ...