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  1. Finally I fixed the problem by modifying build.gradle like this: android { compileSdkVersion 26 buildToolsVersion "26.0.2" defaultConfig { minSdkVersion 16 targetSdkVersion 26 } } dependencies { implementation fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar']) implementation ' more

  2. When download fails, you can notice a temp folder for this path:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\temp". There should be a file called "". Copy it out and extract the "android-8.1.0" folder. The next step, rename it to "android-27". Then, copy it to the path "C:\ProgramRead more

  3. A more simpler solution by using lambda. Inside CircleShape.kt, declare a lambda function. var listener: (()->Unit)? = null ... // When you want to invoke the listener listener?.invoke() Inside your Activity mCircleShape.listener = { // Do something when you observed a call }

  4. Then click on the 3 dots in the emulator and this will open the extanded window, there click on Google Play + update. And that will update Google Play Services to the latest update thats 11.0.55 today.

  5. Download the app pydroid3. Open the app, on the top there is a 3 line button. Click on it there is PIP option click on it. In PIP click on install and type jupyter. Once it gets downloaded, there is terminal option above pip, click on terminal and type jupyter notebook. Your work is done. Edit I gotRead more

  6. The "Crashlytics Gradle plugin" is found in gradle in the package as mentioned on You should find that in your projects root build.gradle file. Similar to this buildscript { repositories { jcenter() google() maveRead more

  7. This is a late response, but thought this simple fix might help anyone else who comes across this problem in the future. What worked for me is the following: In VS2017 ==> Tools ==> Android ==> Select: Android Device Manager In the Android Device Manager window, you'll see your Android EmulRead more

  8. You might be using Android Pie+, probably OnePlus6 or above. There are few workarounds. Highlight part of the line in your logcat that you don't want to see, right click, then go for Fold lines like this. Exclude that tag (together with "RenderThread") in Android Studio logcat filter config using thRead more

  9. A few things here: 1- click_action has to be set to "FLUTTER_NOTIFICATION_CLICK" 2- click_action has to be set in the data section of a payload DATA='{ "notification": { "body": "this is a body", "title": "this is a title" }, "data": { "click_action": "FLUTTER_NOTIFICATION_CLICK", "sound": "default"Read more

  10. Add this to your module build.gradle file configurations.all {exclude group: '', module: 'support-v13'}