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I’m new at Flutter and I’m trying to build a simple google maps app. I’ve already implemented google maps to the app and it is running perfect. But now I want to add google maps autocomplete and I can’t find a ...

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I would like to add notification with firebase on my app. I followed a video on YouTube ( But I have an error when I do the same thing in my flutter project : The library is being ...

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Flutter project showing me a warning 'Packages get' has not been run with suggested solutions,Get Dependencies Upgrade Dependencies IgnoreAs suggested by Darky, in this answer to go ahead with ‘Get Dependencies’ I tried it but it shows me an error: pub get failed /SoftSources/Flutter/flutter/bin/flutter --no-color packages get Running "flutter ...

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Neither The print statement nor anything below it run, and the error message points to the issue being the last line above starting with var time. I also verified that earthquakes is a growableList, which means that earthquakes[0] should run without issue, but it doesn’t… ...

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I’m building one app where on top of Camera view I need to show something. Here is my code. import 'dart:async'; import 'package:flutter/material.dart'; import 'package:camera/camera.dart';List<CameraDescription> cameras;void main() async { runApp(new MaterialApp( home: new CameraApp(), ));}class CameraApp extends StatefulWidget ...