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There’s quite good doc of using *ngIf in Angular: But, is that possible to have *ngIf async variable and multiple checks on that? Something like: <div *ngIf="users$ | async as users && users.length > 1"> ... </div>Of course, it’s possible to use nested ...

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I would like to call f2 after f1 has been completed. f1 function can be synchronous or asynchronous. I need an example that work in both cases. I have found a solution, using a Promise and a timer: global() { this.f1().then(res => { ...

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I have an Angular 1.x directive that appends an element. In short: app.directive('mydirective', function() { template: '<ng-transclude></ng-transclude>', link: function(el) { var child = angular.element("<div/>"); el.append(child); }I can migrate this directive to Angular ...

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I have created an Angular project using angular-cli (version : 1.0.0-beta.28.3). I run the application in development environment using “npm start” and the application runs fine in “localhost:4200”. Now to replicate production deployment, I wanted to run the application in ...